Enrollment Lottery

Student Enrollment/Lottery

 Students will be admitted to Mater Academy St. Cloud regardless of race, gender religion or ethnic origin and our admission and dismissal procedures will be equitable for all students. All “Mater Academy, Inc.” schools will implement the following enrollment/lottery policy:

1.       Effective immediately, Mater Academy St. Cloud will set and advertise a registration / lottery date.                                                                                                                      

2.       The following groups of students will not have to participate in the lottery and will gain automatic admission/re-admission assuming they complete the “Intent to Return” form prior to the lottery date.

a)       Current students enrolled at Mater Academy St. Cloud

b)       Siblings of enrolled or accepted students at Mater Academy St. Cloud

c)       Children of teachers at Mater Academy St. Cloud

d)       Children of governing board members, however, for Federal Grant Recipient Schools, preference will only be given to children of founding board members of the grant recipient school, Mater Academy St. Cloud, while the school is in the grant period.  Any governing board members which are nominated and/or elected to the governing board after the founding of the school shall not be eligible for any enrollment preference while the school is in the grant period.

e)     Children of an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

For Federal Grant Recipient Schools, sibling and children of teacher exemptions only apply to children of the grant recipient school. An exemption cannot be granted if the child does not have a sibling in the Federal Grant Recipient School and/or the teacher is not employed at the Federal Grant Recipient School.

 3.       If the number of applicants is less than or equal to the number of available slots each qualified applicant will be accepted and enrolled.

 4.       If the number of applicants meeting the established criteria of the charter exceeds the stated capacity of the school, or individual classroom or program, each child will be placed in a random lottery (the “Lottery”).

 5.       Each application will be given a number, and all numbers for each classroom/program will be placed in a database. Numbers will be drawn on a random basis and all slots available per grade will be filled based on the rank order of their drawing. The remaining numbers will be used to create the waiting list (the list will be developed based on the rank order in which the remaining assigned lottery numbers are randomly drawn).

 6.       There will be at least one school administrator plus a member of the board and/or a representative from an independent auditing firm present at the Lottery.

 7.       After the Lottery is completed, students will be contacted in the rank order in which names were randomly drawn and established on the waiting list.  

 8.       As openings arise throughout the year, the next child on the waiting list for that particular classroom will be offered the “space”.  If the school accepts applications during the school year and already has a waiting list from a previous lottery, the school may either re-draw all names to date (less those accepted/withdrawn/removed by request) or conduct periodic subsequent lotteries and add the names in the rank order drawn to the initial list created via a random lottery. 

 9.       The parent has 48 hours to accept/refuse the space and complete all required documentation for admission into program. If the parent is not able to do so, the space will go to the next child on the waiting list.  Applicant names for parents who do not respond within 48 hours or who do not accept the available space will be removed from the list and requested to reapply in the future if they would like to be considered at a later date.  

 10.    If there are more spaces than applications, the school may accept all students after the registration period has ended. If the school continues to accept applications after the initial registration period, the school will:

A)     Conduct subsequent registration periods with advertised due dates and determine whether a lottery is necessary at the end of that period; or,

B)      Conduct a “rolling” registration weekly. At the end of each week, determine whether or not a lottery is necessary.

1.       If the school receives more applications that week than the available seats, the school will:

a)       Conduct a lottery;

b)       Notify families that received available spaces, and

c)       Put remaining applications on a waiting list in the rank order their numbers are randomly drawn OR let families know they will be included in the next lottery when spaces become available.

2.       If no lottery is necessary at the end of the week because the school has more space than applications received, all applicants may be accepted.

3.       Repeat steps a and b above at the end of each week or as long as the school continues to accept applications for each school year.   

11.    The school may choose the option of maintaining a waiting list application pool rather than a rank ordered waiting list. When the school chooses this option, it will conduct the lottery from all available applications received to date and stop when all available spaces have been filled. Each time the school has available space, it will conduct a new lottery.